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Bet On Yourself, Always.

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I’ve been working on myself for quite sometime now and have pretty much gotten to the place where I logically believe in myself and bet on myself and my abilities.

Yet, there has still been a hidden obstacle lurking that’s been holding me back from really breaking away into my true and complete potential.

Over the last few weeks I’ve recommitted to my Life Shift plan and part of that is mediation and affirmations.

I don’t know about you, but the whole “I am….” version of affirmations makes me feel like I’m just BS’ing myself.

Logically, I believe them. But emotionally, I do not.

I’ve come to realize that my primary “love language” is “words of affirmation”. And I’ve also come to realize that I have these deep, dark shadow beliefs about myself that I wanted to believe were things I could overcome by just burying them and willing them out of my existence.

For the record, this doesn’t work. At least in my case.

I’ve started my own way of affirmations, and that is my higher, wiser self telling my more vulnerable and timid self the things I am. As in, the 2nd person (“You are….” instead of “I am…..”).

Seems to be working much better!

So, I’m willing to continue to bet on myself by continuing to work to find the ways to break through to myself. And I want to encourage you to bet on yourself and work to find the ways to break through to yourself, too.

You are worth it and the world needs the gifts you have to give. ❤️

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