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To Change Your Life, You Have to Change Your Life: 10 Ways I Changed My Life

Happy Monday, everyone!

I was doing my reading this morning and ran across an article/blog post on Popsugar that got my attention, called “This Story of How 1 Woman Saved $30,000 in 8 Months Will Motivate You (and Crack You Up!)”.

You can actually read it for all the details, but towards the end, she said “To change your life, you have to change your life”. And that is what I want to write about today.

See, once upon a time, Nike told us “Just Do It”. That always confused me and my beaten down mind and heart.

“But HOW do you do it?”, I would ask.

“You just DO IT!”, I’d be told.

When you are a victim of abuse, and an introvert, and have low self-esteem and a low self-image, it’s hard to understand that.

But some how, by taking baby steps, by making small little sometimes the tiniest of tiny changes, by “failing” and having to start over once in awhile, I started to get it.


And you know what?


My life truly began to change!


Now, let it be known that things are not “perfect”, which is not even an attainable goal to begin with (so those of you out there who have that as an ideal and continuously fall short so you say f*ck it and quit, stop doing that! Just do it!).

For example:

  • My house is never as clean as I want and is not as nice as I’d like it to be.
  • My finances are not quite where I want them to be.
  • My body isn’t a size 2.
  • My husband and I sometimes disagree and occasionally even argue.
  • Sometimes I don’t have something planned for dinner, so we go get pizza or Chinese.


But, by making small changes and little steps, my life has truly changed.


Here are a few ways I was able to change my life:

1. I quit drinking alcohol.

I know so many people find that unfathomable, but one CAN live a healthy and happy life without that garbage.

It is empty calories, it makes you say and do stupid things that you have to ultimately deal with when you are sober, and it’s an enormous waste of money.

Want to know how I know? Because I once was that person.

So, one place where you can make huge changes in your life is by getting rid of that toxic crap.


2. I also quit smoking.

Which is even dumber than drinking alcohol. A waste of money and pure poison for the body.


3. I quit drinking pop.

I used to love Diet Coke. LOVE IT!!!

But you want to know something else that’s a waste of money and pure poison for the body? Pop, soda or whatever you call it in your area of the world.

It’s stupid and it’s poison, and all you are doing is making those big corporations and CEO’s more wealthy by letting them sell us poison all wrapped up in a bow of “you deserve this”.


4. I (mostly) stopped eating junk food.

One of my favorite rules from Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules” is:

You can eat all the junk food you want, if you make it yourself.

That bag of chips, that candy bar, bag of cookies, and a slew of other things is…. you guessed it: GARBAGE. There is no nutritional value and likely crap that you don’t even know what it is in it.

If you want some cookies or chips or something along the lines of a candy bar, make it yourself. Then you know what is in it. You can make a huge batch to freeze or otherwise store away for the week.


5. I started to “eat clean”.

This means, real food. Like, the kinds of foods that don’t need a nutrition and ingredient label on it because, well, it’s an apple, or a carrot, or lettuce, or chicken.

Real food = high quality calories and nutrition for your body.

This means fewer cravings because your body gets what it needs, and you are getting a better value for your calories and dollars so, YOU DON’T EAT AS MUCH!


6. I started drinking Shakeology every day.

Yes, I drink a shake everyday. This isn’t your typical shake though; it’s a pure nutrition shake that gives me all the nutrients I need for a day. Not a measly protein shake or junk like Slim Fast. 

Even though I eat clean, there is still no way for me to get all the nutrients I need in a day. The way things are these days, even the healthiest of healthy and realist of real foods is still not enough to get us ALL the nutrition we need.

So, I have Shakeology as my breakfast or lunch.

Sometimes I add fruit into it. Sometimes I have a salad along side. Sometimes I make it into a pudding or a “nice cream” or a mug cake.

But giving my body pure nutrition only costs me $4 a day, keeps me from getting sick, keeps me young and energetic and off the stupid meds because of lifestyle diseases.

Again, the higher the quality of the calories and nutrients you put in your body, the fewer cravings you have and the more money you save, because you are not shoving more so-called food into your body because you are not getting satisfied.


7. I pretty much only drink water.

We have a filter for our fridge and drink water all day long. This also keeps me from getting sick, keeps me energetic, helps reduce cravings and is pretty damn cheap.


8. I make my coffee at home.

I’ve given up pretty much every other vice, but I still love my coffee. Maybe one day, that will change, but right now, I am still madly in love with coffee.

I rarely buy it out though; instead, I buy coffee beans and brew it myself.

And when I do buy it out, it’s almost always a tall black coffee where I can get free refills.

Boom, more money saved too!


9. I stopped buying clothes from retail stores.

Practically everything I own (besides underwear and socks, and shoes I wear to workout) are from thrift stores.

We Americans are not the brightest bunch, I have to say. Why on earth do we spend SO MUCH MONEY ON CLOTHES?

I’ll admit, I do occasionally feel a bit higher and mightier when I am wearing something with “a label” on it (stems from being a poor kid in a wealthy school district and being made fun of and bullied for not having the right clothes).

But for gawd’s sake, I cannot for the life of me see how anyone can justify paying out the butt for a shirt or dress or pair of jeans.

Thankfully, some of ya’ll do though, and then I go snatch it up for $3 at one of the many thrift stores around town.


10. I workout but I don’t pay for a gym membership.

I used to hate working out… HATED IT!

But, in order to stay healthy, young, vibrant and a normal weight, it’s necessary.

Guess what? I only spend 27 cents a day to workout. And, I do have a free gym membership as well!

I subscribed to the fitness streaming service, Beachbody on Demand, where I have access to something like $5000 worth of fitness. And, I teach classes at the local Y’s, so I get a free membership for the times I want to workout in the gym (which seriously is not very often, to be honest).

Oh, and I take my dog for a walk every day too, which is also free.


These are just 10 ways that I’ve personally changed my life. It’s impacted my health, my finances and my carbon footprint on the world.

I didn’t do it all at once; it was a process, it’s been a work in progress for years and there have been times that I’ve faltered.

But I’ve finally been able to fully understand and embrace how to change my life.

It truly is as simple as:

To change your life, you have to change your life.

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