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Fear and Love

There are only two emotions that we truly feel:


Fear and Love.


These are the two emotions where everything we think, feel, use to motivate or move us to go in one direction or another or keep us stuck where we are.


Fear and Love.


Think about that for a moment:


Think about the choices and decisions you’ve already made today. Each one, if we are completely honest, stems from one or the other.


Fear and Love.


We got up this morning, excited about our day and what lies ahead. Or because we love our kids and want to get them moving and well taken care of.


When we throw a load of laundry into the wash, that is an example of love.


When we play our workout DVD, go for a run, or head to the gym to workout, that is an example of love.


When we head out the door for work, that is an example of love.


When we sit down to write, that is yet another example of love.


We also act on these out of fear:


  • We go to work out of fear of getting fired or making a boss mad.


  • We get our kids up and fed and off to school by a certain time out of fear of our kids being late or having an attitude when we get them out of bed.


  • We throw in a load of laundry out of fear of not having anything to wear because we didn’t get clothes washed in time.


  • We workout to that DVD, go for a run or to the gym out of fear of being overweight or unhealthy.


  • We stare at the blank screen trying to decide what to write out of fear of not knowing what to write or that we don’t have anything worthwhile to say.


Fear and Love.


One thing I want to remind each of us of is this:

When we are motivated or paralyzed by fear, more often than not, that is our EGO holding us back. It is our EGO telling us we aren’t good enough, smart enough, capable enough and it robs us of the wonderful moments of life.


It robs us of LOVE.


When we are motivated by love, our hearts are full. We radiate that into the world. The world gets all the wonderfulness we were born with and meant to share with the world.


There are certainly moments in life where fear actually has a purpose, but it is not nearly as often as we allow it to be in our lives.


Fear is what holds us back.

Love is what springs us forward.


We all deserve to live from a place of love and we are all capable of living in a place of love, no matter what our current situation looks like.


I want to encourage you to look at the moments of your life today and find ways to shift your emotions from a place of fear (which includes anger, frustration, hate, violence) to a place of love (which include joy, happiness, contentment and peace).


We are capable of living in a place of love and virtually remove all fear from our lives if we are willing to make that amazing shift in our perception.


“Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learned here. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts.” ~ Marianne Williamson


Written by Rebecca Ingham