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Overcoming Obstacles: A Story About Me



















Many of you have heard some or all of my story, but just in case you haven’t, here it is in a nutshell:


I’m the oldest of 4 and I was raised by two people who definitely loved to drink. My mother worked the night shift as an RN when my brother and I were little, and when she wasn’t working, she was pretty much always with a drink.


My father, after he graduated with his MBA, traveled, A LOT. I remember he had a drink a lot of the time when he was home as well.


And, they both loved to eat. More so my father, and he always had a weight problem. Like, one of his favorite snacks, at least when I was younger, was Saltine crackers with butter. But it was probably actually margarine that we just called butter.


And exercise? What the heck was that?


Oh, and both smoked, in the house, around us. It was a different time, this is true. But, the dangers on smokers health and those around them was coming out.


My father, at some point, developed the greed for money. Wanting to make a lot of money, in and of itself is certainly not bad. Doing whatever comes along that one thinks they can make a quick buck at, in my book, IS BAD. And his only true passion, in that regard, was just making money.


He was busy chasing a buck and never made a real difference in the world because of that.


So I grew up thinking that to be an adult, I had to:

  1. Be a drinker and smoker
  2. Do whatever to make a buck, even if it didn’t really help anyone.
  3. Sit on my ass because working out was for meatheads and bimbos.
  4. Be basically pissed off at the world and spend most of my time being depressed and negative.


I became a drunk. I drank for fun, I drank when I was sad, I drank because I was bored, I drank because everyone else was. And I smoked too, as often as I could.


I was depressed and even tried suicide a few times.


I hated myself and found myself in abusive relationships that made me feel even worse about myself.


I had a lot of choices to make to change my life; and one by one I’ve been doing that since my mid-20’s but more so since I turned 30.


  • I quit drinking and smoking.
  • I started to exercise and eat right.
  • I worked on the space between my ears to change all the negative programming I had been fed for years.

I decided that I wanted to make a POSITIVE IMPACT on my boys, my family, my friends and my world.


I aligned myself with 2 different companies where I can take what I’ve learned in my life and help others, and even though they are not perfect, I feel that deep down their values and their ethics align with the impact I want to make on this world.


One is Beachbody.

The other is the YMCA.


I refuse to allow myself to get sucked into the greed for the all-mighty dollar, the quick fix, the sell this and you can make all kinds of money.


Because selling my soul is not an option.


I love what I do. I get to make a good income actually HELPING PEOPLE CHANGE THEIR LIVES.


I get to help people hopefully live a longer, happier life with their kids.


And I will never, ever allow myself to promote something that would have a good chance of devastating a family, even if I could make a few more bucks at it.


That’s just not how I roll or how I want others to see me.