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17 Years Sober

17 years….. It’s been 17 years since I made the decision that changed my life. The decision to quit drinking and smoking, at the same time. I had tried before... Continue Reading

Motivation is a MYTH

  I get asked all the time: “How do I get motivated?” To workout To eat healthy Stop drinking Start my own business Etc. But motivation CAN’T BE a myth,... Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Give Yoga a Try

Multiple Beachbody programs incorporate yoga into their routines and allow you to get just a taste of the benefits yoga can provide to your body. Well soon, Beachbody will have... Continue Reading

Staying Germ Free at Home

While many gyms put a large focus on staying sanitary and free of germs, as avid exercisers we sometimes forget to take the same precautions when we exercise at home.... Continue Reading