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Transformation Tuesday: Ashley and Julianne

Happy Transformation Tuesday!


Today, I want to brag on two of my friends and members of the Live the Healthy Life community:


Ashley Anderson and Julianne Gregory.


I’ve actually known both of these amazing ladies for quite some time.


Ashley went to school in Urbandale with son number one, Jacob, and I’ve known her since they were in grade school.


She is an amazing mom to her baby boy, Bennett, dog trainer extraordinaire with “Stars of Draco Dog Training” as well as with “Paws and Effects”. Oh, and we can’t forget her gorgeous pup, Bowen either! 


And Julianne, I’ve known for something like 9 years, I think? We meet originally at Riverfront YMCA and have been buds ever since. She is a fireball and fearless, and mom to her fur babies, Jax, B-Bop, Zeus and Pip.


She is also an amazing photography artist at Julianne Gregory Photography!


The reason I picked these two, together, for today’s Transformation Tuesday is because they both are kicking one of the hardest things to kick but best thing they can do for their health and their bank account.


Both have quit smoking and are kicking ass at it!!!

Not all transformations can be seen from the outside; a lot of them are transformations of the mindset, and kicking habits that hold us back sets us up to succeed in so many other areas of our lives.


Ashley quit a month ago, and Julianne has quit for 134 days!


Having quit smoking myself, after growing up in a house with parents who smoked and then starting myself around the age of 13, I know how hard this is and how rewarding it also is.


So, to you, Ashley and Julianne, I am so very proud of you both!


You are amazing women, doing incredible things in the world. I know that life has it’s way of throwing curve balls, but you are both kicking ass at knocking them out of the park.


Keep on being your awesome, badass selves. Let that light shine, don’t let the world get you down and make sure to always find a way to make yourself a priority.


Here’s to your accomplishments so far and all that are yet to come!





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